Accepting Rejection: Richmond Homebuyers and Their Experiences

Accepting Rejection: Richmond Homebuyers and Their Experiences

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Richmond Homebuyers

It can be hard for Richmond homebuyers to find a house and not get it.  Not every offer is going to be accepted.  In fact, most offers will be rejected or altered.  It can be an exhausting process that can burn a person out quickly.

Buying a Richmond house is unlike any other buying process.  Anyone can go into a store and purchase a product.  However, a homeowner is not like a store and a house is not a typical product.  When dealing with offers on a Richmond house there are feelings to consider.  The current homeowner wants to make as much money possible and they probably feel like their house is worth a lot more than they are asking.

So what happens when Richmond homebuyers have an offer that is not accepted?

Do Not Dwell On One Homeowner

Even if it is the perfect Richmond house, do not spend a lot of time trying to learn why an owner will not sell.  If an offer is rejected or they are simply asking too much, homebuyers should simply walk away.  Learning more about the seller and their selling habits will not ensure an accepted offer.

Instead, it wastes time.  This time is better spent looking for a house that is similar or possibly better than the one that is unattainable.  It can be hard not to compare all house to the one that got away but sometimes a homeowner sticks to their guns.  There is no persuading with a brick wall.

Offer High or Walk Away

Haggling can sometimes work out for Richmond homebuyers.  Sometimes sellers are very motivated to get rid of the house and will take much less than they originally listed.  Other times it just leads to animosity. 

Start out at a price that is most comfortable, maybe even a little low.  Work up to the asking price, if it is reasonable.

If there is a set price that cannot be exceeded, offer it.  Once the seller still does not accept stop negotiations.  They may be having second thoughts on trying to sell the house.  Their price may not be reasonable, but it is where they are staying.  In the future, they may take a lower offer.  Some owners have to let the house sit on the Richmond market for a long time before they are willing to budge on the price.

Do Not Dwell On One House

Richmond homebuyers new to purchasing a house often falls into this rut.  One house is perfect.  It is the only house that fits all of their criteria.  Their offer is rejected or the house sells before they can make an offer. 

This can be a devastating experience.  Some people find it hard to move on and look for a different house.

Many Richmond homebuyers waste a lot of time and effort comparing new houses to the one that they lost.  Nothing is as good as the other house.  At this point, it is better to take a step back and re-evaluate.  Think about what is a must have in a house and what can be compromised. 

Even though it is no fun to lose a Richmond house that seems perfect, it is a learning experience.  Take this experience and use it to make better offers in the future.  There is a better house out there.  It may take a little time to find it, but once the offer is accepted it will feel wonderful. 

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