Accepting Rejection: Richmond Homebuyers and Their Experiences

Posted by Keishon Charles // February 12, 2018

Richmond Homebuyers

It can be hard for Richmond homebuyers to find a house and not get it.  Not every offer is going to be accepted.  In fact, most offers will be rejected or altered.  It can be an exhausting process that can burn a person out quickly. Buying a Richmond house is unlike any other buying process.  […]

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How to Sell Your Richmond House Off-Market

Posted by Keishon Charles // January 29, 2018


Are you considering selling your Richmond house off-market? Is this even possible? Should you even do it? Online selling has become a popular way to go about making a sale and purchasing. And some Richmond sellers who keep their sale on the down low are still finding it possible to sell. In fact, selling a […]

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Building a Richmond Home: 6 Vital Questions That Need Answers

Posted by Keishon Charles // January 15, 2018

Building a Richmond Home

Building a Richmond home can mean getting everything just how it should be.  It can also mean spending a lot more money than expected.  Prices for newly built homes have tripled.  However, this is not a reason to become discouraged.  Building a Richmond home is still possible if the right questions are asked. What incentives […]

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4 Reasons to Sell Your Richmond Home at Auction

Posted by Keishon Charles // January 1, 2018

Sell Your Richmond Home

Chances are that you have never thought about what it would be like to sell your Richmond home at an auction. After all, the reputation of a house auction is that it is bank owned or for desperate sellers. Think again! Real estate pros are seeing an increase in young people wanting to auction off […]

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How Richmond Rental Properties Can Benefit You

Posted by Keishon Charles // December 18, 2017

Richmond Rental Properties

You can’t beat owning Richmond rental properties that also pay for your mortgages in the real estate world. Understandably, there is hesitancy in purchasing units, condos, or houses at first. Will the Richmond property be bullish or bearish? Buyers tend to think about all of the costs and responsibilities landlords have to deal with. However, […]

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Why Is My Richmond Home Not Selling?

Posted by Keishon Charles // December 4, 2017

Not Selling

There are reasons why for a Richmond home not selling. Some are obvious, some, not so much. Below are tips from real estate pros that can help uncover reasons for a Richmond home not selling. Your Confidence Experts warn that when it comes time to sell your Richmond home, sellers should watch your confidence. You […]

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How Richmond Homebuyers Can Overcome Bad Credit

Posted by Keishon Charles // November 20, 2017

Bad Credit

When buying a Richmond home, bad credit can make the process feel like like a lost cause. But while bad credit can make it more difficult for Richmond homebuyers, it does not mean that it is impossible. That being said, Richmond homebuyers with bad credit will need to be ready to work. For the Richmond […]

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Homes First-Time Richmond Homebuyers Should Steer Clear Of

Posted by Keishon Charles // October 23, 2017

First-Time Richmond Homebuyers

First-time Richmond homebuyers have plenty of types of homes to choose from when making a their initial purchase. Because of this, it is easy for Richmond homebuyers to feel overwhelmed at times when trying to make a decision. Even when you think you have found the perfect Richmond home for you, doubts can start to […]

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A Guide to Richmond Home Staging

Posted by Keishon Charles // October 9, 2017

Richmond Home Staging

When it comes time to sell your Richmond home, sellers will be well served to emotionally detach themselves from the process. Selling a home should not be as personal as buying one. And this is where home staging can hold value. By staging your Richmond house when selling you are effectively removing as many of […]

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How to Take the First Step Towards Being a Richmond Homeowner

Posted by Keishon Charles // September 25, 2017

Richmond Homeowner

Have you been dreaming of becoming a Richmond homeowner? If you have, there is a good chance you have even begun to search online to see what is available on the market. You want to find that perfect Richmond house. If you think you are ready to make the leap into homeownership, you want to […]

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