How to Sell Your Richmond House Off-Market

How to Sell Your Richmond House Off-Market

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Are you considering selling your Richmond house off-market? Is this even possible? Should you even do it?

Online selling has become a popular way to go about making a sale and purchasing. And some Richmond sellers who keep their sale on the down low are still finding it possible to sell. In fact, selling a Richmond house off-market is actually becoming more popular

Selling a Richmond house off-market offers a more discrete way for sellers to offer a home for sale. Sellers in this situation know their potential buyers are serious, as a “look” at an off-market house is more than a “look” or an open house.

Below are the differences between the traditional way of selling a home and off-market selling.

Who Sells Off-Market?

Because of the nature of a an off-market sale, it is not uncommon to see wealthy sellers take this route. For example, celebrities tend to sell their homes in this way. This makes the experience similar to a private club.

The exclusivity is a way to open your Richmond house up to a targeted pool of buyers. Many off-market sales are by invite only. Those “selected” to attend are made to feel special.

However, even if you are not a celebrity, an off-market sale does not exclude you. It can be easier to sell depending on your connections. Selling to a close friend or family member can cut time spent marketing your home and cleaning it multiple times a day.

Off-market selling is for those Richmond sellers who are not necessarily in a rush to get the home sold. Patience is a virtue learned in off-market selling. When there is no outside marketing or online usage, it is hard to truly market your Richmond home.

Advantages of Selling Off-Market:

  • Your privacy is kept
  • You can hide your Richmond home’s sale price or viewing of photos online
  • Cleanliness of the house or lack thereof
  • Less time spent on everyone interested in your house
  • Landlords can sell a home occupied with renters

Disadvantages of Selling Off-Market:

  • Selling quickly = not happening here!
  • The best price may not be found here (this is arguable)
  • There is no exposure to be found. Marketing would be tough

So how do you uncover off-market Richmond homes for sale?

Much of the off-market sale depends on your networking and social connections. Relationships can go a long way. The more people you know, the better off you will be when on the hunt for the perfect Richmond home.

If this is something you are interested in, it may be best to let your real estate agent know up front. A good agent will have people in mind already set to buy soon.

From all of the information given, hopefully, it gives you a sense of whether or note an off-market sale is going to work for you when selling your Richmond home.

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